Message from Vincent Selvakumar (Voice of Jesus Ministries)
     I greet every one of you in the wonderful name of our Lord dear Jesus Christ. God has given us grace to meet each one of us in this new year. God gave us His wonderful promise and blessed us. Whatever difficulties you faced in the last year, in this year God is going to honor you. You’re going to receive good blessings and honor from the hands of God for all the difficulties you faced in the last year. God is going to crown this year with goodness.
     From the beginning of this year, we’re holding the hands of the Lord and starting out. But there is an anxiety in every person: how is this year going to be like? Every beginning year we’re holding the hands of the Lord and walking. We must learn and be prepared how to enter into a new year. We must know very well what is God’s will for this year. When we met last year, the Lord spoke to us many things. Concerning last year, the Lord said it will be a year of turning points. Many turning points happened last year. It happened in our churches, it happened in your ministries, it happened in your spiritual experiences, it happened in our
nation, it happened in our political circle, we saw this in nature.
     We saw the Lord guiding us in every way a turning point. He reminded us of one thing when he spoke to us last year. When I turn the seasons and the times, you must also turn accordingly. When you travel in a mountainous region, there are many hairpin bends around the mountains. It will go around the mountain. Many turnings around the mountain. Whenever a turn will come in a mountain, there will be a sign saying a turn is now coming. A person traveling straight in a road must turn according to the journey. If we will not pay heed to all the road signs where we should turn we will meet with danger. That is why the Lord also
before any turning point comes, He forewarns us. Accordingly we must turn our ministry direction.
     Accordingly we must turn the direction of our mind, and our spiritual experiences should also be turned around in that direction. If not, we may have to face accidents in our spiritual lives. We should be able to bend around according to how the Holy Spirit wants to move us. If He bends and turns, we should also bend and turn. If He walks straight we must also walk straight after Him. That is what it means to walk together with the Lord. That is why at the beginning of every year, we wait on God for the new
      If we turn and look at the past year, there are so many people who died who were not able to turn around. They have stopped in their journeys because they were not able to turn together with the Lord. Many have walked away from their spiritual experiences. Many have even forsaken and fallen away from the faith. That is why it is very important to obey and pay heed to what God says. We are going to commit this year into the hands of the Lord. We are going to wait on the Lord what He wants to speak to us for this year. We want to dedicate ourselves into the hands of God according to how He wants to lead us in this year. You must commit your life into the hands of God. Commit your spiritual life into the hands of God. You must commit your church into the hands of God.
      You must commit your thoughts, your intentions, and your will into the hands of God. You must commit your family into
the hands of God. Commit all the plans of this year into the hands of God. Empty your heart and wait on God. Only then God can speak to us. You must not have a selfish plan in your heart and then wait on God for another plan. If you wait like that, God can never speak with you. Don’t try to tempt God’s thinking, whether God’s plans will line up with your plans. Firstly, empty your heart. Say that whatever God speaks to you, you will do it. Say that you will completely dedicate yourself to the will and purposes of God. If you can do that, God will speak to you. You’ll be able to clearly hear the still, small voice of God. Your eyes will certainly be opened. God will open your heart wide.
     He will certainly show to you what He wants to do. Commit yourself into whatever ways He wants to lead you. As you commit yourself to walk in the ways of the Lord, He will continually guide you every stepof the way. It’s not only the beginning of the year – He will speak to you all throughout the year. For that, prepare yourself now. Let us lift up our hearts and look unto God in prayer. Look upward. We’re going to pray step by step.
     Say that you commit your heart to God. Say that you’re putting away all your plans. Say that you’re going to commit your family to the Lord. Say that you’re committing your thoughts into the hands of the Lord. Say that you’re totally emptying yourselves before the Lord. Say that whatever that concerns you, you are committing it unto the Lord. Say, Lord open my eyes. Say that whatever you speak to me, I’m willing to do it, Lord. Say that I am waiting anxiously to listen to what You want to speak to me. Lord, open my heart. Let Your word through your still, small voice be made known to me from the depths of my heart. Let your presence cover me now. Let your presence fill my family.
     Let your presence fill my mind. Ask, Lord, speak to me now. The Holy Spirit is moving in your midst now. The Holy Spirit is moving in your midst like a white cloud. The Lord Jesus says, “Whatever I purpose to do, none will fall away. Commit to My will and wait. Until you receive good things from My hands, wait. Even now I am standing in your midst. I am looking at you.” I see a sister who is waiting here with a troubled heart. You are above 50 years. You are sitting on a sofa. There is a laptop before you, but you are watching this program through the TV. You look like someone from a Western nation. Your heart and your mind is troubled. “I’m not able to pray. I have been forsaken by all. I’m not able to feel the presence of God. The Lord is far away from me.” Last year many times you heard a voice, “God has forsaken you. You have no more faith in God. You’re not able to seek God anymore. You have become an enemy of God.” Many times a voice spoke to you, “You go and commit suicide.” Because of that voice, you have lost your faith. The Lord God tells you, “I am standing before you. I am standing before you. Two angels are standing before you. They have come to comfort you.
      They’re standing there to open your eyes. You must now commit your heart totally into My hands. My glory will come upon you. Your eyes will see it. I’m going to raise up many that are fallen. Not only you. I’m going to raise up many who are in such a predicament. I am the one who will not bend a broken reed. I will not blow away a broken flax. I am the Lord. One more time, I will make all things new, one more time, one more time. One more time, I’ll revive you like new again. You have found grace in My eyes. My mercy is surrounding you. Do not be hardened. Do not be troubled, behold the new things that I’m going to do are coming. I am the Lord, I change not.” Lord, speak to Your children. Open their eyes. Bless this time for them. Make Your ways known to us in this new year. Make us to see Your power. In Jesus name we pray, amen.
     The Lord desires to speak to us about one thing. The Lord put many turning points in our life last year. Concerning that, the Lord said it’s going to be a year of turning points. But concerning this year, the Lord said this is a year of danger. You’re going to be very careful about many things in this year. Let’s imagine there is a chessboard. There are two colored pieces there. One is black and the other is white. I saw a vision like this about three [or] four days ago. A white piece has been moved. When the white piece has been moved, accordingly a black piece is also moved. The Holy Spirit spoke to me one thing. Last year I moved my pieces, but in this year Satan is going to move his pieces. Satan has devised many things in this year against my works. You must know the
wonderful things that I’m going to do in this year. And at the same time you must also know the plans and the wiles of the devil. If you are not careful about the snares of the devil, you will not be able to be careful.
      God is going to do many new things in this year, and I began them last year, and I’m going to bring you into greater depths in this year, but the enemy is preventing you from entering into that. You must know the ways and the vices of the devil.
This is the first thing that I’m going to do: I’m going to open the mouth of many people to announce the gospel of this kingdom. Because this time that you’re standing in my eyes are the last eyes. You have been moved towards the last days. Time is only very little now. The world is on its last lap. Therefore whatever I spoke concerning the last days are going to take place shortly. Matthew
24 verse 14 says like this, “And this gospel of this kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come.” If you read this scripture a little deeply, before the end of the world comes the gospel of this kingdom shall be preached everywhere.
      Many people have misunderstood this scripture. They’re thinking that in these last days, the gospel of the good news
should be preached. They’re thinking that this gospel will be preached into all the world. We only know one kind of the gospel. The good news that the Lord Jesus came to this world in the form of a man. He lived like us, he acted like us, and he died like us. He bore our sins and died on the cross for us. He is ever gracious to forgive us of all our sins when we confess them to Him. He came to save us from sins. He came to deliver all people from sins. Therefore the only way to get saved is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the only gospel that we know about. This is a glorious gospel. There’s no doubt about it. This gospel is known as the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel means good news. The gospel that was announced to the whole world refers to the blessings that we receive from the dying of the Lord Jesus. The disciples and the early apostles went all over the world to preach the good news. They preached about the dying and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are thinking that this is the gospel that will be preached into all the world in these last days.
      But the Bible says not this gospel. It is not the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the gospel of the kingdom of God. It is the gospel of the kingdom that should be preached into all the world. The disciples of Jesus Christ after His death announced the good news. But when the Lord Jesus was on this world, He spoke about the gospel of His kingdom. The gospel of the kingdom that the Lord Jesus during His days [preached] must be the gospel that we should preach in these last days. In Matthew 9:35 it speaks about the gospel
of the kingdom that the Lord Jesus preached. Even John the Baptist who lived during the days of Jesus Christ preached the gospel of the kingdom of God. What does it mean, the gospel of the kingdom? What are these terms? In the gospel that the Lord Jesus Christ preached, its manners have been revealed. We’re able to read about it very clearly in the gospel.
     In Mark chapter 1 verse 14 it tells us very clearly over there. When John the Baptist was put in prison, and Jesus came to Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe the gospel.” This is the gospel of the kingdom. We see four things here. Firstly, it talks about the time being fulfilled. Second, it says the coming of the kingdom of God. Thirdly, it says why you must repent. Fourthly, it says the importance of believing this gospel.
     The gospel of the kingdom is composed of these four things preached by the Lord Jesus. The first thing refers to the fulfillment of the time, giving man the sense of time in which we are living. It is this gospel that will be preached into all the world in these last days. In a nutshell, it means that the gospel of the kingdom means the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will be preached into all the world. When the Lord Jesus came to this world the first time, He came alone. When He’ll come the second time He’s not coming alone but with His kingdom. The heavenly Jerusalem, the capital, is going to come down with Him. The temple of God is coming down. His entire army is coming down with Him. His entire kingdom is going to come down with Him. In order to make that come to pass is the beautiful prayer that the Lord Jesus taught His disciples. He said, pray that Your kingdom come. We are praying this
prayer in all our prayer life. God will raise up a group of saints to preach this gospel.
      God will raise up a huge company of evangelists who will preach this gospel of the kingdom. They will open their mouth and speak about the time of being fulfilled. They will reveal to the people the nearness of the time in which we are living. They will be a people with discerning eyes. They will speak with evidence the things that are going to take to pass in their days. God will raise up a new group like that. They will prepare the people before the coming of the Lord. They will say, “Repent!” They will be like John the Baptist who will preach boldly and fearlessly. Even now, the ax is laid to the root of the tree. Every tree that bears not fruit will be cut and thrown into the fire. A group will rise up who will preach boldly like that. They will preach with signs and wonders concerning the kingdom of God.
     They will emphasize the importance of building the coming of the kingdom of God. Because in the last days, people of faith will be lesser. The Bible says concerning the last days like this: as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man. Man will be giving in marriage and taking in marriage, selling and buying until the day that they were taken away by the flood. They will not have the sense of seeking after God. In the midst of such people, God will raise up a group of people who preach boldly about the gospel of the kingdom of God. This is the first move that God is going to make in this new year. A new anointing is going to come upon the people. They will be a people who will know the signs of the times. They will reveal to the people the things concerning the times in which they are living. They will boldly and fearlessly reveal to them the plans of God. Their
mouth will not be bounded. There’s no boundary to their feet. They will go everywhere the Lord sends them. They will go like wind. They will go like flaming fire. The Lord says that group is going to rise up. The bounds about them will be broken and their eyes will be enlightened.
      There will be evangelists who will know how to discern the signs of the times. They will be able to tell boldly to the
people the seasons and the times of God and what God is doing. This anointing is going to come upon your church very soon. The children in your family are going to rise up and are going to be filled with this anointing. God is going to fill your young people’s mouths with this gospel of the kingdom. God is going to fill many pastor’s / minister’s mouths with the gospel of the kingdom. Henceforth, others who have been speaking about other things so far, from now onwards are going to preach the gospel of
the kingdom. Their spiritual eyes are going to be opened. This is the thing God is going to do. You’re going to see this thing taking place in a great manner. And Satan is going to move a black piece against this work of God. The Lord spoke to me thrice concerning this thing. This is a very important thing you need to understand concerning the last days. 2 Peter 3:3 says, “Knowing this first: that there shall come in the last days scoffers walking after their own lusts, and saying, ‘Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.’” Satan is going to raise up
a group of people who will speak against the things of God.
     The Bible says they are scoffers. They will be walking after their own lusts in their secret lives. They will cause a doubt to come and will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? From the time our fathers died everything is normal,” they will say. They will cause people to turn away the hearts of the people from seeking after the coming of the Lord. They are now going to rise up from somewhere. They will rise up from within the church. They are ones who know the word. They know the promises of God. They know the forefathers. They’ve heard about the coming of the Lord’s message. These are the days Satan is going to raise up a group of scoffers. They will preach and turn the word of God. They will write against the coming of the Lord Jesus. They will turn the churches against the second coming of the Lord Jesus.
      They will speak against all those workers of God who are preparing people for the coming of the Lord. They will even
give many scientific evidence for their scoffings. They will say the world will not end. They will say this world will not end by fire. They will have many evidences to support their theories. Many churches will lose their faith because of this. They will stir away from the faith of God. They will be in the church, but their hearts will not be united with God. They will not prepare themselves for the coming of the Lord. The Christ that they know will be different from reality. They will use the name of Christ to justify their sins. Such false churches will rise up. Maybe from your church such people may rise up. From your ministry such people may rise up.
      These are the scoffers who will scoff at the works of God. Many of those who do not live a close life with God will be destroyed like that. One group will rise up like that. And the Lord tells me that another group closely related to that will also rise up. They
will say like this: the Lord will come, but not now. It will be more…His coming is delayed more. We don’t have to hurry right now. 2 Peter 3:9 speaks about them. But some are thinking that He is delaying His coming. Many people are thinking that the Lord is slack.
      The Lord says, “They are goingto preach about it.” Guard your church and your faith against such false people. In this year, manysuch groups will rise up. It is going to rise up and go forth from many nations. Specifically, it will come out from the West a false deception. I see a vision right now. A dark smoke, like dust and like smoke, a wind is rising up. I can perceive in my spirit that it’s coming from the Western nations. It’s like a pillar of smoke that rises up to the sky. I see it moving. From wherever it is moving, people in those places – when they breath that air – those people that live among them, they’re falling down as if fainted. When they open their eyes, their eyelids are white. Their eyes look like closed. They’re like in slumber. They’re like blind touching here and there. They are moving, slumbering here and there. They’re hitting here and there. I hear a voice now. “A false deception, blind teaching is going to come from the West. Their teaching is going to be based on lusts. They will emphasize on the works of the
flesh. They will turn people away from fearing God. They’re going to delay the coming and the workings of God. They’re going to bring a slackness into the hearts of people against the coming of God.” I see one group of people now. I see in their hands a lifted up, drunken like a glass. It looks like a glass. There’s a liquid like gold in it. And they’re giving it to many people to drink. All those
who take it and drink it will become blind. Their eyes are removed from them.
     When they open their eyes and see, but it all looks white. The Lord looks at me now and says to me, “Oh Son of Man, do
you see what’s happening? Oh this is coming like a snare upon the nations. This will spread all over the world from the middle of this year. It will defile many nations. It will make many believers blind. They will turn away from My Word. They will put rocks of offense before My people. They’re going to make many people blind. Look at the cup in their hands.” Now when I look at the cup, it turns from being gold into red. It looks like blood. They’re giving them to drink. And all those who drink them are now falling down in a drunken state. The Lord says a false teaching is going to spread into all the world. But the Lord shows me now that people are flocking to such people.
     The Lord shows me a large group of people running after them seeking to drink this false teaching. People will desire this
false teaching. There is a big scope in this teaching to lead people in false lusts, in their own lusts, in their own selfishness. We must pray against the moving and the rising up of this dark, dark cloud. Warn the people. Warn the leaders of the church. Warn your prophets. They must listen. They must open their mouth and bind this evil work. Then I will do a good thing, says the Lord.
The second thing that God is going to do: God is going to raise up His prophets.
      We have heard this thing many times. Acts chapter 2, verse 17 and 18 says like that. He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh in the last days. His sons and daughters shall prophesy, the young people shall see visions, the elders shall see dreams, and the servants and the handmaidens will become prophets.
      This is the second white piece that God is going to move. You’re going to see the prophetic anointing being poured out everywhere in a great manner. Even little children are going to rise up like prophets. You’re going to hear good news that God’s Spirit is being poured out among children. God is going to fill His little children in many churches with His Spirit. They’re not only going to speak in unknown tongues, they will prophesy in the name of the Lord. The bound of their mouth will be opened. Their eyes will be opened and they’ll see visions. They will see angels ascending and descending. You’re going to hear such news in large numbers. Even in very small nations such things are going to take place. Even in some nations that you’ve never known before such children are going to rise up. God has promised a prophetic anointing for the last days. This is the second white piece that God is going to move. This has begun by the Lord from here onwards. In this year, God is going to take us into a greater depth in
this anointing.
     And in this year, Satan is going to move his black piece against the ways of God. He’s going to lift up his feet against this prophetic generation that God is going to raise up. He’s going to raise up many false prophets. Many false prophets are going to rise up. They will say, “Christ is here, Christ is there” and cause people to be blind. The Lord is telling me now, they are not only going to rise up among Christians, they are also going to rise up from many other religions. They will say that they are the last days manifestation. Whatever they say it appears will come to pass. A false prophet’s lying spirit will be upon their lips and make them to say to come to pass. They will lift themselves up. When people see that whatever they say comes to pass, they will follow them. You are going to see many people around you rising up like that. God is showing me now a false prophetic spirit rising up from the ends of the world. There are nine spirits there. It looks like a very large frog. Its outer body looks like black and dark green. It seems that it is coming from a very deep hole. It’s going into many directions. It will go into 8 different directions. One particular frog goes into a central place.
     The Lord says, “Danger is coming into all the places of the earth. From every part of this world these false prophets will go. Just like false prophets rose up against Elijah, just like the prophets of Baal rose up, likewise in the last days false prophets will rise up against the true prophets of God. They will not glorify Me. They will not make people come towards Me or move closer to Me. They will make people be blinded in their faith. They will not turn people towards the last days. They will make them lazy in their works.
      They will make them very lustful and wicked people. False prophecies will come out of their mouths. Satan is going to do this work from beginning this year. You will hear of many false Christs rising up. They’re going to rise up from many nations. Specifically they are going to rise up from Africa. Three such people will rise up. They are going to kill many people. They are going to spill many people’s blood. People are going to be deceived by seeing all the things they speak coming
to pass. And even such false Christs will rise up from many other nations. They will speak against God falsely and make people blind. They will stir the hearts of the people from following God.” God says, “This is going to come to pass quickly. They have come, begun to rise up from hell.
     Therefore, you must pray to bind them from coming to pass. You must withstand against all this just like how Elijah withstood the false prophets. God desires all the true prophets of His to rise up. You must display My true power and My true glory. Then their hands and their feet will be bound. Their necks will be destroyed. Their works will be destroyed and go to ashes.” The Lord says, “Just as it happened in the days of Elijah, My prophets, it will happen in your days.” The second thing that God is saying:
“They will seek to destroy the prophets of God. In this year such evil, wicked people will rise up.
     They will be the ones that will be filled with the spirit of Asteroth and Jezebel.” The spirit of Asteroth and the spirit of Jezebel always works against the prophets of God. Their intention is only to destroy the prophets of God. Their intention is to chase away the prophets of God. Their intention is to bind the prophets from doing their works. Just like they chased with fear Elijah, they will also want to intimidate you and make you run away. Such wicked spirits will work in all nations. Therefore, prophets be careful. Oh prophets, you must live closely with God. Therefore God says, “Oh church, protect the prophets. For wicked serpents that are seeking to destroy the prophets have risen up. It is the spirit of Asteroth and the spirit of Jezebel.” Oh, there is this wicked drink in the hands of this woman.
     There is a big cup under her feet. The cup under her feet and the cup in her hand are filled with blood. This is she who stood against…she’s the one who has been purposing in her heart to bind the prophets. So be very careful in the last days. Therefore be watchful. Therefore be watchful. The Lord says, “I will destroy this evil power that will rise against the prophets of God. Be careful in this year. Be careful in the coming days.” God knows how to protect His prophets. God said another third group will rise up. A group that will stir the hearts of the people against the true prophets of God by stoning them. When the people of Israel came out of slavery into the promised land by the leadership of Moses, Moses was a man who walked close with God. He was a man who listened to whatever God said and spoke to the people. Everybody knew that God was with Moses. People saw God doing
wondrous works through the hands of Moses.
     They ate the miraculous food that came through the hands of Moses. They drank the water that was miraculously given. Their ears heard the testimony given by God concerning Moses. There was another group among the people of Israel who were
stirring the people against Moses. There was a group of Korah and Dathan. They rose up and turned the people against Moses. They turned the hearts of the people against the prophet of God. They sowed lies in the heart of the people against the prophet of God. They sowed suspicion in the hearts of the people against the prophet of God. They taught them that if you follow this man you’ll never enter into the promised land. This same spirit of Korah and Dathan is going to rise up in the last days. A group will rise up who will tell you, “Don’t believe prophecies.” A group is going to rise up that will turn the hearts of the people against the prophets even to stone them. Satan has purposed to raise up this spirit in these last days. They have been prepared to rise up very powerfully in these last days.
     Therefore God’s people: be watchful. God tells me to tell you, do not give place to the ways of the devil. The Holy Spirit reveals the third plan of God. God is preparing His Bride in these last days. The Lord’s coming is going to take place in this world for two purposes. One, He is going to stamp His feet upon the head of Satan. The god of this world, Satan, is going to be cast to hell. The
Lord Jesus is going to come again for the second purpose. He’s going to come for His Bride and take her with Him. He’s coming very specially for that purpose. The Bride is she who is the people group that are waiting for the coming of the Lord. It does not talk about any one particular church. God’s people are in all churches. God will gather them all in one time and make them one church.
      The Lordis going to come again to receive this group of people. It is a joy for the people of God for the coming of the Lord. But for Satan, it is fear of death. Because as soon as the Lord comes to this world, all the works of Satan will be bound. Satan will be destroyed. A judgment of death will be passed upon him. The second death of brimstone and hellfire, he’ll be cast into that. Therefore the fear in Satan’s heart concerning the last days has gripped him. He has purposed in his heart to delay the coming of the Lord. He is thinking of ways to prevent the coming of the Lord.
     And the Lord is now revealing of a secret plan that Satan is making. His eyes are now cast upon the Bride of Christ. He has thought deceptively in his heart that if he can defile the Bride of Christ, he can delay the coming of the Lord. Therefore, in the year 2011 he is going to devise a wicked war against the churches, whether you are running a small church, a big church, whatever church you are maintaining. Whichever minister of God that is preparing the people for the coming of the Lord, Satan has prepared to work in your midst. He has purposed in his heart to defile the Bride of Christ.
     We read about the virginity of the Bride of Christ. An ordinary virginity of a woman refers to her chaste life. But a spiritual person’s virginity refers to her faith. Therefore Satan has planned to steal the faith of the people of God in this last days. So you’re going to hear about a shakening that is going to come in the churches. Satan has stood up like a serpent with his mouth open, and he has wiggled around with his body and his tail the churches. He has desired in his heart and in his mind to shake the
foundation of the churches. I see a snake that looks like a black, dark cobra. It lifts up his head in a very large manner. From his mouth comes a very…kind of a dark smoke.
      With his body and his tail he’s wiggling around the churches. And the thing that comes out of his mouth is spewing upon the
churches. The Lord Jesus is showing that to me. Many foundations of the churches will be shaken. In this church, such things will take place in greater number. Therefore, protect your borders. Put, station watches around your church borders so that they’ll watch over your church and see the glorious things God will do. Raise up prayer warriors who will pray day and night. If not, you’ll not be able to protect your believers.
     Many problems are going to come in the churches. The Lord says, you must get ready for that. When confusion and troubles come in the church, two things take place. The people will forget the preparation. The people will only talk about the problems. They’ll forget to pray. They’ll forget to read the Word. They’ll separate themselves into 2 or 3 groups, and they’ll only talk about their problems. Their faith will be shaken. Such an evil group will rise up from within them to scatter their faith. Satan has already planted his own people among the churches. In this year, sleepers are going to rise up. They are going to work against the people of God. They’re going to scatter the faith of simple people. They’re going to sow poison in the faith of the people. They’re going to work many wicked ways against the people of God in the church. They’ll purpose in their heart that they will destroy the churches. They will even proclaim it boldly. They will say that I will certainly destroy this church.
     They will show themselves as if they were working for righteousness. The Lord says, watch them and know them by their fruits. They are not a people who bring people to Him. They are the ones who will scatter the people. They will scatter the faith of the simple people. They will try to defile the virginity of the people which is their faith. The Lord of Hosts says, “I am jealous about My Bride.” The Lord says, “If anyone destroys My body, I will destroy that person. Therefore watch your borders.” The
Lord says, “Oh, sprinkle the blood upon your foundations and upon your pillars.”
     The Lord says, “Commit yourselves into My hands.” The Lord says, “Be watchful when Satan is sowing seeds into your heart to turn you against God.” The Lord says, “My judgment is at the doorsteps of such people.” Therefore, you be watchful. This year you must be very careful. You must have the zeal of God in your church. Any works that come to divide, [that are] divisive in the church you must be watchful and come against it. The false prophets rise up, you must be careful to watch. You must bind those evil spirits that will work against the prophets of God. Be careful to watch over at the scoffers who will scoff at the coming of the Lord. In this year, the works of Satan will become very, very bold. “Therefore,” the Lord says, “You must be ready. The church must get ready,” says the Lord. The Lord says, “Your eyes must be watchful and ready to see these things.” The Lord says, “You must be watching with great [? sounds like exsiben]. In the midst of all this, I will do a wonderful work.
      The power of My anointing will fill the church. These are the days, the beginning of the end of My
anointing. These are the days where I’m going to release the seven spirits, the anointings that I have
prepared.” The Lord says, “Get ready and prepare.”
     We are going to pray right now. Wherever you are, you can pray now. Close your eyes and pray. God’s Spirit is going to speak to you. Many of your eyes are going to be opened. God is going to reveal many visions to you explaining all these things to you. The Spirit of God is filling many of you now. God is going to fill you with many gifts. I’m able to feel a new power coming down. Let us all bow our head. If possible, kneel down now. Close your eyes.
     The Lord wants to speak to you. He’s going to speak to you concerning this new year. Before my eyes, the hand of the
Lord lifted up. It is like fiery. It is like a fiery flame. It is a hand that is lifted up. “I will bless him with this hand. I touched the tongue of Isaiah and purified him. But right now I am going to sanctify my people from the crown of their head to the sole of their feet. I’m going to sanctify all their feelings. By My flame and by My fire, I’m going to cover them. They are experiencing that right now where they are. All those who are seeking Me, My hand is going into their homes. Right now My power is coming down. My finger is going to touch them. I’m going to touch their forehead. I want to touch their eyes. I want to touch their ears. Some of your tongues are going to be touched. I’m going to touch their hands. I’m going to put the fire in their hearts. Fire! I’ve come to put fire. I desire that you will burn right now.” Many of you are feeling the presence of the power of God like never before. It’s like a ball of fire coming down upon you.
      Some of you are sitting and praying wherever you are. Some of you have been drawn from far away. Some of your eyes are being opened. Some of you are hearing the trumpet sound. Some of you are seeing a big eye. You see the eyelids like green in color, and it is turning slowly into red. It’s like flaming fire, the eyes are appearing now. It is the eye of the Lord. It is the hand of the Lord. It is the tongue of the Lord. It is the voice of the Lord. You are hearing such a voice now. I see a sister, I see a brother now. Angels are standing by your sides. They are dressed in gold, and they are holding your right hand and left hand and lifting you up. Your body is falling down. They are lifting up your spirit. As they are lifting you up, they are saying, “The Lord
wants to speak to you.” They are feeling their body being burned with fire and being sanctified. Little by little they’re losing their feelings. They’re floating in the spirit. God is going to show many visions to you now. I see the power of God coming down powerfully. I see angels standing in the midheavens. Among them I see a huge angel. Among them I see thousands of angels around them. The tallest angel among them has a sword in his hand. He looks at all the angels around them and says like
this, “Go into all the churches that have been sealed by God. Stand in front, in the back, on all sides and protect the church.” I hear the sound saying to them, “Open the doors of the churches so that they will welcome the seven eyes of the Lord, and the seven powers of God.” As soon as this word is spoken, the angels flap their wings and go forward. They’ll go upwards, and they’re going into all directions.
     They’re looking for churches and going towards them. Their legs, feet are coming down. The Lord is going to do wonderful things. I hear a long trumpet sound. All those who are listening to these words, you are able to see this long sounding trumpet. Some of you are hearing the sound of a roaring of a lion. Some of you are able to hear the sound of burning like fire. The Spirit of the Lord is hovering in your midst. Some of you are able to see a shawl coming and covering upon you. It appears like cool on the left side and fiery on the right side. You’re feeling the glory coming upon you.
     God is filling you with a new glory. The Lord is touching many young people. God’s power is coming down upon you now. I see God’s power working in China. Three angels are flying swiftly towards there. The tall angel looks at me and says, “They are going towards China. They are going to destroy the evil curse that’s upon them. They’re going to bind and curse the evil spirit that is working there. They’re going to open the doors for revival in many places. God’s power is going to flow in the nation in many places. Many missionaries and ministers of God’s feet are going to go to China. And before that the angels will go and open the doors.”
      The Lord is saying, “The time has come for God to be glorified there.” Oh the presence of God is coming, coming abundantly.
Again I see another sound coming in the heavens. Behold, I’m going to lift up this Angel TV. The sound of the trumpet that will rise up from here will go into all nook and corner of this world. Very soon I will destroy the head of the wicked serpent. I see the mouth of wicked crooks. The Lord says, “I will destroy them. Very soon a big thing will take place. Very soon a new thing will take
place. From wherever you are hearing these words, you must pray for My channel. You must make a covenant with Me. You, Oh My servants, you must be prepared to pay a price. I need this trumpet. My Word must be proclaimed from here. It must move the mountains. It must destroy every ways that rise up. It must make the land to tremble. For that purpose, I’ve raised this up. From this many other branches will come out. Many more branches will come out. It will meet many nations. It will meet
many languages. Very soon its fame and honor will spread everywhere.” The Lord says, “I will
likewise do it.”
     “Behold, behold, see My judgment,” says the Lord. In many parts of the world, I see the angels of fire. They are standing upon many mountains. Some are standing above clouds. Even the clouds appear fiery. Their clothes are like fire. They are stretching out their hands. In their fingertips I see fires burning. Even all their hairs are like fire. They’re going to go forth this year. You will hear of many dangers of fires in many places. Some cities will be burned. Some mountains and some hills will be burned. Many wildernesses will suddenly burn with fire. Many jungles will become barren. People will take many months and many days to put out the fire. And the winds and the air will be defiled by the smoke and the dust that will come out of the flames. Many peoples lungs will melt from within them. Their flesh will rot within them. The angels of fire will rise up. They will move faster than the winds. You’re going to hear of many famous fires in this year. The Lord says, “I will begin them in this year. Look at the angel of the sea. Look at the weapon in their hands.” I lift up my eyes and look at them. I see many angels standing in the seas. In their hands I see a kind of a sharp instrument. It looks like a spear. And they’re lifting it up and piercing into the sea. At that time the
seas turn blood. Many, many big fishes and the living things of the sea are dead. I’m going to bring changes in the waters. I will bring changes in the waters. I will bring changes in the water currents. The cool waters will become warm. The warm waters will become cool. The living creatures in the water will be confused and die. They will come up to the shore and die in large numbers. The scientists of your land will be confused. They will be thinking that something is taking place in this world and will confuse themselves.
      “Behold,” the Lord says, “This is the work of My hand and a sign of My coming.” Strange rays will come from the sky that eyes cannot see. In this year, it will come in large numbers. They began to come from the beginning of last year. People have still not discovered many things taking place on this earth – these rays are responsible. But in this year, the power and the strength of their fierceness will increase. Many germs that are doing good for the human body will die. These new germs will come. And these rays that will come out – they will destroy the equipments that man has invented. In the depths of the seas, even in the depths of those icy places, many men have hidden many weapons of mass destruction under them. Some clever nations have hidden such
weapons. Some deceiving, clever nations have hidden them in the sky. These new rays will unleash those weapons. Because of this, there will be many dangers in the seas. Under the ocean, oil and blood will mix and float upwards. Many of these polar, antarctic, icy areas will melt and there will be dangers in the rivers. Many villages by the rivers will be swallowed by them.
     The Lord says, “Many people and many places of inhabitants will be destroyed.” You’re going to hear of many dangers
through the waters in many parts of the world. The seas will rise up with roar. They will make men’s hearts fail. These are going to be the works of My hands and My signs. Behold, pray for children on this earth. Give place for children to come to Me. You’re
going to see many works against children in the coming days. Many children are going to be kidnapped. Many are going to be turned into wicked ways. Many are going to be addicted to wicked ways. Many are going to become wicked. You’re going to hear of many child criminals rising up. Before that, you must kneel down and pray for them. Wicked spirits in large numbers have come down to destroy children and the young people. The wicked spirits and idols worshiped during the period of the Canaanites are going to come upon this world one more time.
     They are zeroing in on the lives of the young people and coming. You’re going to hear of many, many unclean news stories from the latter half of this year. Many young people are going to be murdered. You will see of many dead bodies of young people in the streets. Many young girls will be treated in a very lustful manner and thrown into the streets. Many places on the earth will be covered by sand. Many villages by the mountains and near the hills will disappear. The Lord says, “This will take place in many parts of the world. I’m going to shake the mountains. I’m going to shake the mountains. You are going to hear of this news in
large numbers. For war: who is there who will cry before Me? In this year, war will begin to loom between two nations. It will appear like a small problem. People will not think it will come to a large war. But, people will focus on the little problem and it will increase their borders to war.
      “Therefore,” the Lord says, “Bind such spirits of war.” Many spirits have risen up to bring accidents. Many such wicked spirits have risen up in the skies. Many inventions of man in the skies are going to drop. Many scientific inventions of man and spacecraft before they even lift up from the space station, they are going to be destroyed. Many weapons that have been hidden in the sky are going to drop down. As a result, many lives are going to be destroyed in many places. The Lord is asking, “Who is there who
will pray against such things?” The Lord says, “Oh, this is a year of warning before My eyes. I desire that you must watch unto prayer. I desire that you must pray much. I desire that you pray that evil spirits will not be strengthened. I desire that you who purpose to pray will not be slackened in your prayer. I desire that prayer groups will rise up from all over. You must pray that you will escape from all this wrath to come. Pray that your nation will escape from all this. Pray that your faith will escape all this. Pray for the churches. Pray for My Bride’s preparation. Pray that the wicked one that is going to rise up: his hands and feet will be bound. Then I will send Michael on your behalf. I will send My angels with drawn swords. Behold, they will perform a big war on this earth. They will smash the heads of all those evil before they rise up.” The Lord says, “They will reduce their strength.”
We pray before the Lord. Lord, fill this year with goodness. We thank You for all the things that You spoke to Your children. Lord, protect Your children from all evil. Lord, You’re going to reveal many things to your people. You’re going to raise up many prophets from our families. You’re going to fill our churches with the power of the Spirit. Lord, bless each and every one of them all who heard this. Continue to protect them and keep them under the shadow of Your hand. Keep them from
all evil.
      The Lord is now speaking one thing to me. “As you are speaking these words, I have opened many people’s eyes. The many things that I spoke and revealed to you, many people have seen them. Some of them have smelled the burnings of the fire. Some of them have even smelled the dead fish. Some were taken in the spirit to the very places and were eyewitnesses. Before this program went on the air, I stationed many of My angels, and they have opened the eyes of many of My people. These words that you spoke they have clearly seen many things. Behold, I am planting My visions in My people. I am speaking to many people. I’m giving new experiences to many people. I’m going to cover My people and My church with a new power. Ask My people to get ready and wait in this year. They will be given new eyes of the Spirit. They will see seven dimensions. I’m going to fill the church with My eyes. I will cover them with the anointing of My eyes.” The Lord says, “The seven eyes that I’m going to send into all the world are my seven spirits. Some of you are being filled in the spirit and are praying right now. Some of you are seeing two wings lifted up behind you. Some of you are seeing your eyes being turned into eagle’s eyes. Man’s eyes are moving both in the same direction. But the eyes of the eagle – both the eyes will look in two different directions.
     Likewise, people who are seeing the left and the right side are rising up. I’m filling them with such an anointing. My new power
fills My church. Zion rise up! Let it put on strength! The work that I’m going to do is great and big.” The Lord says, “Tell them that My power will do all these things.” Oh Lord, I thank You that You’ll do it. Continue to bless each and every one of them. Cover them with the shadow of Your hands. Give them new experiences. Give them new preparations. Guard them that their faith fail not. In Jesus name I pray for them Heavenly Father, amen. May God continually guide you and bless you in your spirit and soul in this new year, amen.


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