New Year’s Service
broadcast live on Angel TV on 1/1/11

Message from Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj
     A blessed new year’s greeting to every one of you. It is a great joy to meet all of you in this new year.
     A year has passed by.As soon as in the twinkling of an eye, the old year has past and the new year is born. My dear brothers and sisters, this same time last year we conducted our first live new year’s service. In all the previous years, the respected prophet of God, Brother Vincent Selvakumar, and I used to conduct this service in his hometown. But last year the Lord spoke to us saying to stop doing those kind of meetings in a very small level but to do it on a worldwide manner. The Lord caused a turning point in our ministry. He said from now onwards. That was from first January 2010, the year of turning points. Before we ever
give any words to the rest of the world, we find that it first takes place in our life. So from that year onwards, the Lord Almighty said, from this year onwards the destiny of Angel TV is going to be fulfilled.
     You know, in the year 2003 on first January, while I was waiting on God at the stroke of midnight I heard the audible voice of the Almighty God. If you read the book of Revelation, whenever the Almighty God speaks the apostle John writes that it thundered. He said it thundered. Even if you read John chapter 12, verses 26 – 28, the Lord Jesus prays and the Holy Father answered Him. And the Bible says all the people around Him heard as if it thundered. But so what did I hear on that day? The
voice of the Almighty God boomed through the entire universe. I shook and trembled like a leaf. It came from all the way from heaven. He said, “This is My channel! Through this I will speak to the whole world.” That was the voice of the Almighty God that day. This is not the work of a man.
     So from the beginning of December 2005, when this network was born, every now and then we’ve been telecasting special programs. But a turning point came. First, initially in the year 2008, when we conducted our first telecast of a new year’s service. You may have enjoyed the wonderful worship from Reverend Dr Rajan John. His church hosted the first live service. That was our first feeble attempt. Then after in June 2008, when we conducted our first Jerusalem conference, it was televised live. Then
came the year 2010. The Lord said, from now onwards the destiny of Angel TV is going to be birthed. That does not mean from 2005 its destiny was not fulfilled. The Lord Jesus was born on first A.D. But He began His ministry 30 years later. It appeared that He entered into His destiny in the year thirtieth.
     So, in the same manner, when the year 2010 came with the first new year’s service being telecast live around the whole world. You know there are so many live telecasts being conducted from all over the world. What is the difference between those and this program being telecast on Angel TV? One difference. The Lord Jesus said, the Almighty God said, “This is My channel.” And He will display His glory.
     My respected Brother Vincent Selvakumar and I least expected how it will be fulfilled on that day last year. But the glory of God was manifested in an awesome manner. There was a small live audience in the auditorium that day, and a worldwide community. While the first message about the year’s promise was being given, then the second prophetic message was being given, people saw
with their naked eyes visions of Jesus Christ on the stage. Many of them caught them on their cellphone cameras. People watching the live telecast on their television sets were amazed when they saw the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ directly behind us. Some even saw the face of the Lion of Judah right behind us. Some saw the angels of God standing beside us. It was not just hearsay. All
documented on video cameras. People captured those images on their computer screens. It was an amazing thing. From that day onwards, this became a regular feature in our prophetic conferences.
     The first January new year service, followed by a prophetic conference in the month of July, another prophetic conference in September, and then another conference in October. In all these conferences that we televised live, people from all over the world testified this same thing over and over again. We saw the eyes of God behind you. We saw the angel of God beside you. We saw the hand of the Lord above you. This is what the Lord Jesus Christ purposed in birthing this network. My dear brothers and sisters, you will read in Revelation chapter 14, verses 6 – 11. That is the mission statement of Angel TV network. The three angels flying in the heavens and proclaiming what is to come. The angels were doing that job. When Jesus Christ first came to this world, angels came to announce.
     When He was taken up to heaven, again angels appeared to announce that He’s coming again very soon. In like
manner, before He comes again the second time, the angels will be physically involved in the proclamation of the prophetic counsels of God. That is why the Lord commanded us or gave the name for this network as “Angel TV”.
     Even today on the first day of this new year, the Holy Spirit inspires me to tell you, you are going to see the glory of God on this program. In this first section of the promise of God, followed by the prophetic word for the year, God is going to do something extraordinary that we ourselves have not seen in our ministry yet. This afternoon as I was waiting at the feet of the living God, a very high ranking angelic being appeared before me and he said, “When you both stand there to minister the Word of God, I will stand there to give you the words of the Almighty God.” If you have faith to believe, if you can humble yourself as a little child. You know, this stage that you see in your homes – you will see the angels of God. You will see the glory of God. And you will see lightnings and thunders coming out. It is the Word of the Lord that the mouth of the Lord has spoken, which His zeal will perform. So get ready. You’re going to have an awesome encounter with the living God. Not only on this program now, but from this moment onwards till the entire service ends, you’re going to see the awesome power and glory of God in a new manner.
     For a long, long time the Holy Spirit is urging and impressing me to tell you something further. If you read Hebrews chapter 12 verse 1, the Holy scriptures tells us that we are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses and they’re watching us. Who are this cloud of witnesses? If you read Hebrews chapter 11, it gives a list of all the heroes of the Bible. The entire chapter 11. And when verse 1 begins in chapter 12, the apostle Paul, the author of the book of Hebrews writes, “Since we are surrounded by this huge cloud of witnesses….”. They are watching us. Secondly, if you read Matthew chapter 17 and Luke chapter 9, there it records when the Lord Jesus Christ was praying on the mount. He was transfigured and two saints appeared in glory with Him. When Peter opened his eyes, he recognized those two saints in glory through the Spirit and he identifies one of them to be Moses and the other one
to be Elijah. And if you read the book of Zechariah, whenever Zechariah has visions of God, he sees an angel come to him. While this angel is talking to him, he lifts up his eyes and sees two other men standing nearby. And the angel tells them, “Listen to what that man is telling you.” First, the Bible calls the first person as an angel. But the other person the Bible identifies as a man. Why not an angel? But it says a man. And then if you read the book of Revelation, in chapter 1 the Lord Jesus says that He sent His angel to speak to His servant John. So there it says an angel was sent, but if you read in chapter 21 and in chapter 22, the angel appears to be a prophet. So it is not an angel, but it is a prophet in glory. How do we know that? Because John was about to fall down to worship that angel and the angel tells him, “Don’t do this! I am just like you. One of your fellow brethren who is a prophet, your
companion in tribulation.” He’s a special saint. A prophet, and an angel.
     My dear brothers and sisters, one final scripture reference for you. If you read Matthew chapter 27, verse 51 and 52, when the Lord Jesus Christ died there was a huge earthquake in Jerusalem and the graves were opened and the saints rose up from the grave, and they appeared unto the city in Jerusalem to all the people. Amazing. Ponder for a moment. All the Biblical saints whom we admire. All those who had been waiting for the resurrection, it says the graves were opened and they arose from the grave and appeared unto many in the holy city.
     As we get nearer to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the veil between the spiritual world and this natural world will become so thin and then it will disappear. And our eyes can then behold visions beyond the veil. This is something wonderful that is going to happen in the body of Christ from this day onwards. What a blessed day today is. What a blessed year this year is going to
be. Shall we close our eyes for a moment right now and wait on God.
      If possible, I ask every one of you to kneel down right now. Come on, get up from your chairs. Kneel down. Close your eyes. As we ponder about this new year, one entire year has passed by. You come before the Almighty in this new year. All throughout the past one year, how many blessings He gave you. Count them, one by one. Count them, one by one. How He called you. He saw you and He called you. Oh, let tears of gratitude flow down from your eyes. Thank You, wonderful God. Even as I’m speaking
these words, many of you are seeing angels of God appearing before you. You are amazed. Your eyes are watching with open eyes at the TV. You saw angels standing on the stage, then another moment it seems that they came out from the TV and are standing before you. Come on, lift up your hands and worship the Almighty God right now. This is a glorious day. Wonderful glorious day. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming again very soon. Not one person is seeing this supernatural scene, but many people are watching these angels in your rooms right now. I see some little angels even playing with your children in your living room. Suddenly you are wondering why your little one is laughing and smiling. Suddenly it seems you’re wondering why your child is pointing his finger at something else and then just smiling. Because the angel of the Lord is standing there. Thank You, wonderful God. Thank You,
wonderful God. Today is going to be a glorious day in your life. Open your heart unto the living God.
     Ask the Holy One of Israel to speak to you. From this moment on, till the end of this entire new year’s service, the Almighty God is going to command an open heaven here. You are literally going to experience the glory of God in a new manner.
We were conducting a conference, a prayer time, in a city called Coimbatore in the month of September 2010, and as God’s servant His prophet Vincent Selvakumar was praying, he saw the Blood of Jesus Christ dropping down from heaven and he said, “I see the Blood of Jesus Christ coming down from heaven and dropping among you all.” As soon as he said that, many people literally
felt the Blood of Jesus Christ drop down. This is not just a spiritual experience. Many people, about 5,000 people who came to that meeting, they saw a big splash of blood on the floor of the church.
     They were amazed. The blood remained there in the church for more than two hours. Then it slowly disappeared. Not only that, many, many young teenage girls upon whom the blood fell they showed us the bloodstains on their clothes. I personally saw both hands of a woman filled with blood. The Lord began to do such marvelous, miraculous signs. In the same manner, today you’re going to see something like that. Not exactly like a blood, but something like that. You’re going to experience in this service. Please listen carefully: from this moment on, till the end of this new year’s service; from the beginning of this message followed by God’s prophet Vincent Selvakumar’s message, God is going to command an open heavens. You’re going to experience an awesome glory of God.
     Thank You, wonderful God. Thank You, wonderful God. Count your blessings one by one. Ponder upon them. Thank You, wonderful God. Our gracious and loving, heavenly Father, we come before Your holy presence in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ this evening. Thank You for gathering Your dear children from far and near today. Look at every one of them, Lord, who are
watching this program from all over the world. I thank You, Lord, even right now, not only the images are being watched on the television screens and through the internet, but the satellites that are beaming these airwaves unto the uttermost part of the universe are even broadcasting this event. How this will take place we don’t know, but we do know because Your Word says, the Lord roars from Mt. Zion throughout the ends of the earth. He roars like a mighty lion. He roars! And from one end of the
universe to the other end, the voice of the Lord roars.
     Thank You, wonderful God. Even right now, we humble ourselves before Your holy feet. Let the Word of the Lord come to Your children today. Hide us behind Your cross. Let the glory of heaven be broadcast right now. In Jesus name we pray, amen.
     Please be seated. My dear brothers and sisters, one year has passed. I do not know how the year 2010 was for you, but through the many, many letters that I’ve received from you, many of you have met tragedies, many of you have suffered losses, walked through the valley of the shadow of death. Probably the entire last year was a year of tears. One section of people went through like that. Another section of people…you know what promise the Lord gave us last year? “I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth.” So many, many people testified of many new things that God has done for them. Whether you were blessed or you walked through tears, you are anxiously waiting how this year is going to be. What will befall me, you think. What promise is God going to give to me that I may hold onto it? Every year we wait before God and we sincerely pray, Lord, what is your Word that we can give to all Your dear children? So, whenever my respected Brother Vincent Selvakumar and I conduct this new year’s service, it is always my privilege to share the message of promise. Then he comes flying like an eagle later to give you a prophetic viewpoint of what God wants to say / what God wants to do. This is how it has pleased God to use us all these years. All right, I shall not keep you in suspense much longer. So what’s God’s promise for this year? This is the promise:
“The Gentiles shall see your righteousness,
And all kings your glory.
You shall be called by a new name,
Which the mouth of the Lord will name.” (Is 62:2)
     Hallelujah! What a wonderful promise of God for you. I hope you were fast to write it down, but in case if you missed it – don’t worry. Just write to me; I will send you a wonderful postcard that we have made for you. If you are on our mailing list, you will receive one. But if you have never written to our ministry before, and you would like this wonderful postcard so that you can keep it in your Bible and every day look at it – but at the same time, non-Indian friends do not think that I’m going to send you an Indian postcard. No, I will send to you in English language. So write to me.
So let’s look at this promise one more time. This blessing is found in the prophetic book of Isaiah chapter 62 and verse 2 says like this, “And the nations shall see thy righteousness, and all kings your glory. And thou shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name.” Three specific blessings for you today. All the nations shall see your righteousness. The second blessing: all kings shall see your glory. Not one king or two kings, all kings. Thirdly, and the Lord will call you by a new name. When He wipes away your tears, when He removes and takes away your shame, when He puts on new clothes upon you, He will call you by a new name. Two specific incidences are coming before my mind right now. If you read Zechariah chapter 3, the high priest Joshua comes and stands before God. He’s wearing all dirty clothes and the command went forth from a mighty angel, “Remove those old clothes! Remove! Put on him new clothes. Put on him a new turban. This is the Lamb! This is the Lamb that bore the sins of the whole world!” The word Joshua in Hebrew is Yeshua.
      That is the Lord Jesus Christ we see there. And another incident, when blind Bartimaeus came to be healed by the
Lord Jesus, the first thing he did when he got up – he threw away his old clothes. If you read Mark chapter 10, you know beggars have some kind of a uniform. So when people see this kind of people dressed like that, they’ll know oh this is a beggar. In the same manner, when he got up to go near the Lord Jesus, Bartimaeus knew in his heart [that] he’s no more going back to his old lifestyle, because his life is going to be exchanged by the goodness of the Lord Jesus. In the same manner, God is going to
clothe you with new.
     My dear brothers and sisters, let us see very quickly what are these three blessings that God wants to give you for this new year 2011. Don’t forget this scripture. Claim it every day of this year. Firstly, Gentiles shall see your righteousness. The word Gentile in Hebrew means: foreign nations or other people. Not your own people. Not your own family. Not those who are very close to
you. But outsiders, other nations, anyone that is outside your inner circle. Anyone outside your inner circle who may know you casually, they are called Gentiles. That is one circle, and it also refers to peoples of other nations. The promise of God is this: others will see that you have been vindicated by God. You know, I want you to pay special attention to the word righteousness there. You know, when the apostle Paul was just an ordinary man like Saul, he was a terror. The Christian churches when they looked at him they feared him. He went on terrorizing the Christians. But when he had an encounter with the living God, his life changed. Acts chapter 9 verse 15 tells us when people saw him later on, they saw him as a different man. The Gentiles saw him as a different man. And God Himself testifies My servant Paul is no longer like the old person. His lifestyle has changed. Look at the fruits in his
life. Oh, it is full of righteousness. Gentiles shall see your righteousness.
      What is righteousness? The Hebrew word and the Greek word for righteousness means: an upright lifestyle, or you have a good
moral standard, or thirdly it also refers to doing good works. All this refers to righteousness. You’re an upright person. That you’re abiding by all the counsels of God. My dear brothers and sisters, when the scripture says “the Gentiles will see your righteousness” it means this: God will vindicate your moral lifestyle for all to see. Maybe last year you have been questioned. You may have been falsely accused. With all sincerity you may have lived a good life. You may have lived a clean life, a pure life. Your hands
were clean, your mind was clean, your walk before God was clean, your heart was clean.
     But the enemies of the cross hurled wrongful, false accusations at you. Consider the life of Joseph. If you read Genesis chapter 39, a righteous man Joseph. From the time that he was a young boy till he was a young teenager, he kept himself pure and holy. How do we know that? He faced a test in his life. Potiphar’s wife tried to entice him. She fell in love with his handsome beauty. She wanted to entice him and commit adultery with him. And when there was an opportunity for even Joseph to fall into that sin, you know what Joseph said? He said, “Madam, how can I touch you? I cannot sin against your husband.” He did not stop there. He said, “I cannot even sin against my God.” That last sentence tells us what a God-fearing person the young Joseph was. Yet that lustful woman would not let him go.
     She tried to hug him, and tried to entice him. She tried to arouse him sensually, and that wonderful God-fearing young man, because he had totally dedicated his body to the living God – he guarded his virginity until the day of his marriage – he purposed in his heart that he would not defile his body and he pushed that woman and he ran away. And this Potiphar’s wife was so furious. She always had people at her fingertips. Whenever she likes, she will demand them to sleep with her. But this is the first time somebody resisted her advances. She felt insulted. Now where did this incident happen? It took place in Egypt. And you know in Egypt there are all kinds of evil spirits. The spirit of Asteroth that will only commit people to do these kind of sexual sins. Because it is that spirit that is given over to sexual lusts. In that very land where this spirit reigns, God’s prophet Joseph withstood it.
     Let me tell you one thing right now. I feel very strongly impressed in my spirit to address this to all the young people who are watching right now. These are the days that God is raising up a company of young people with a prophetic anointing. God is going to pour out the Joel 2:28 anointing upon the young people. That is a prophetic anointing. So when you are filled with that
anointing, you will move in the prophetic power. You will see visions, you will prophesy, the two-fold purpose of the prophetic anointing. The Spirit of Asteroth and the Spirit of Jezebel will always contend with the prophets. It will seek to imprison them. Now if you read 1 Kings chapter 18, when Jezebel was queen she had under her command, under her feet, 850 false prophets. The Bible calls them prophets. They are not God’s prophets. They were the prophets of the false gods. Not just prophets of the false gods, but they were working under Jezebel. She had them under her feet. That is what the spirit of Asteroth and Jezebel will try to do – to bring a prophet of God under her feet, causing him to lose his zeal and fire for God. Cause him to doubt his calling. Cause him to lose the seed of his body.
     Thereby he will run away in fear for his life. Then she will triumph over them. If you read 1 Kings chapter 18 and 19, you will see this happening in the life of the prophet Elijah. Initially it seemed that Jezebel triumphed over Elijah, because it says Elijah ran away from the presence of Jezebel for fear of his life. That is the work of the spirit of Jezebel, causing fear and intimidation. My dearly beloved young sons and daughters, guard your bodies. Guard your virginity like Joseph. Even in this program,
in this day’s meeting, many of you are going to get baptized in the Holy Spirit.
      Many of you are going to see the hand of the Lord come and touch your eyes, and your spiritual eyes will be opened to see
visions of glory, and you will be baptized with the fire of God, and today you will receive the prophetic anointing. Guard your body. Guard your virginity. Don’t let defilement come to your body. If you will guard your bodies and resist steadfast every temptation that comes from the enemy, great will be the glory of God upon you.
     From the beginning of time, if you read the Old Testament, every time a prophet of God appeared on the scene this spirit of Asteroth and Jezebel always contends with a prophet. You will see that even in the life of the prophet Moses. Although it is not very clearly written in the Holy Bible, whenever he appeared before Pharaoh, it is a spirit that rules there. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, the spirit of Jezebel will always go after a prophet’s blood. Jezebel said that in a challenge.
     This day tomorrow, I will have Elijah’s blood. Now look at another prophet’s life – the prophet John the Baptist. Another wicked queen of Herod. What does she do? She too went after the life of the prophet John the Baptist. But John the Baptist did not run away with fear. Till the last breath that he had, he was upright. They forcibly beheaded him. He did not submit to this spirit of Jezebel and Asteroth. Precious servants of God, every one of you who have the prophetic anointing upon your life, and every church that has a prophetic call, and every young person who is going to receive this prophetic anointing, beware of this workings of the spirit of Asteroth and Jezebel! The primary way how she works is through enticing sexual lusts. A church that has a prophetic call – how will this spirit destroy such a church? It will stir up sexual lusts among the young people, and cause the Pastor whohas a prophetic call to be turned away / sidetracked from his main call to focus on dealing with the problems in the church. And causing such uncleanliness to come in the church, thereby the glory of God will move away from the presence of your holy church. And on those who have a prophetic call on their lives, this spirit of Jezebel and Asteroth will entice you to commit sexual lusts, adultery and sexual sins. It will cause your marriage to be even broken. Guard your marriage! Guard your marriage! Don’t open any door for even a hour of thought for this to come in.
      When it comes, it is an arrow from those two spirits that will cause confusion, cause a church to be sidetracked, cause a
prophetic Pastor and a prophetic Pastor’s wife to be sidetracked from their call. Be careful, my precious and respected ministers of God. Even right now, the Spirit is showing expressly: guard your church in this year. This spirit will rise up with greater fervor. Why so much this year? Because the Spirit of the Lord is going to come upon your church. The seven eyes of the Lord which are the seven spirits of God has been released into the Body of Christ. When we conducted our third Open Heavens Prophetic Conference in Jerusalem last year, the Lord made it known through His prophet Vincent Selvakumar that He is releasing the seven prophetic eyes of the Lamb of God to the world. Throughout the conference, many, many wonderful, powerful revelations concerning the seven eyes of the Lord were made manifest. God has begun to pour that out into the church. The time has come for the church to rise up! Put on the prophetic mantle. You will receive new eyes. Your eagle-like, prophetic wings will lift up and you will mount up with wings like an eagle.
   Every church that has a true prophetic call. Every Pastor, every evangelist or any minister of God that has a true prophetic call on his life, every young person with a prophetic call: spend much time waiting on God in this year. The eyes of the Lord have gone forth. And when you wait, the eyes of the Lord will come upon you. Eyes are something that sees. It’s not just something that prophesies. See that is the difference here. Eyes see. Mouth speaks. The seven eyes of the Lord, and the ability to see into the spiritual realms – these are the prophetic gifts that have been released into the Body of Christ right now. So my precious
ministers of God, especially Pastors who are pastoring churches, I am sharing with you what now the Holy Spirit is showing to me by visions. Put a bloodline all around your church. Guard, mark out the boundary of your church by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Raise up prayer incense continually in the church. Like never before, teach more on holiness. Just like how you will personally watch over your own children, you must watch over your young people.
      Teach them to control their natural sexual instincts. Teach them to keep themselves pure and virginal until the marriage day. My dear prophetic ministers of God, especially Pastors, don’t spend much time sleeping. Watch unto prayer. Watch unto
prayer. The enemy tried to destroy Joseph. I know a precious prophet of God. He lived a very Godfearing life. He gave himself to live a life of a celibate. And all his life has been going around villages preaching the gospel. Never sought for fame or name. Always tries to hide himself behind the cross. You can never find himself even printing his own photograph in his own magazine. That much he tries to always hide himself behind the cross. But the year 2010 was a terrible year for him, like never before in his entire life.
     These very spirits of Asteroth and Jezebel tried to destroy him and destroy his ministry by raising up people from his own church against him. Even people whom he trained in the ministry, loving them like his sons, even shared his pulpit with them – they rose up against him. Remember I told you earlier that these spirits of Asteroth and Jezebel will always entice in sexual sins.
Keep that in mind. When this man of God was attacked, you know what they accused him of – they did not accuse him that he was a prideful person. They did not accuse him that he was a very arrogant person. They did not accuse him that he was taking all the money from the ministry to his own self. They accused him of committing fornication with the young girls in his church.
      Who are those young girls? The very girls that were born right before his own eyes, and he brought them up like his own
daughters. From when they were born, till they were young (late teenagers), how can a father have sexual instincts for his own daughters? It is these kind of accusations that were thrown against him. Not even from the enemies from outside the church. The very girls themselves. Because they tried to hide their own sins, they accused an innocent, sinless man of God. Like Joseph. I personally saw him shedding tears, like a little child weeping and crying. But God says, Gentiles will see your righteousness. That’s the spirit of Asteroth’s work: tear a man of God’s integrity and character.
      Throwall kinds of mud at his character. That is what Potiphar’s wife did to Joseph. But we read in Genesis chapter 41, from verses 42 – 57, God vindicated Joseph. Hallelujah! He vindicated him. Truth will never lie hidden in the ground forever. It will rise up after three days. Amen! It will rise up after three days. The Lord roars with Joseph even in prison. He vindicated His servants righteousness.
     My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, this is the first blessing. I do not know why again and again the Holy Spirit is showing me to address the young people this important message. Those young people who have girlfriends or boyfriends: watch your
limits. Guard your limits. Don’t allow the enemy to entice you to step over the boundary. Again I say unto you, guard your virginity. Guard your virginity no matter what price you may have to pay.
      It is OK to lose your reputation than to lose your virginity. That’s what Joseph did. He lost his name, but he guarded his holiness. Eventually God lifted him high up. All the Gentiles came to see him when the great famine came all over the world. The Bible says people from all over the world came to Joseph to take bread from him. God lifted him up, crowned him with righteousness. The second blessing: all kings shall see your glory. Now two important words here. One is kings. The other is glory. What does the word kings mean? It refers to natural kings and queens. It also refers to world leaders. Not all nations have kings and queens.
      Some have, but not many. But there are world leaders everywhere. Secondly, the word glory. The word glory in the
Hebrew language in this scripture refers to honor. It means God will make you honorable. If you put this together, this is how God will bless you: God will give an open door of honor for you. Oh, how wonderful it is. This is so beautifully written in Isaiah chapter 60 verse 11. And Isaiah 60 verse 16 says, wherever you go, because you have guarded your integrity and holiness, wherever you go you will receive prosperity, riches, honor, blessings, from the nations. The nations will come seeking you. That’s what it means.
      All kings will see your glory. Because you patiently waited on God to honor you and vindicate you. Because you didn’t take up vengeance on yourself. God will honor you and crown you. If you read Isaiah chapter 49, verses 23 – 26, very beautifully it is written there. Do you mind if I read to you those scriptures?
 “And kings shall be thy nursing fathers,
And their queens thy nursing mothers,
They shall bow down to thee with their face towards the earth,
And lick up the dust of your feet.
And thou shall know that I am the Lord,
For they shall not be ashamed who wait for Me.
Shall the prey be taken from the mighty,
Or the lawful captive delivered?
But thus sayeth the Lord:
‘Even the captives of the
mighty shall be taken away,
And the prey of the terrible shall bedelivered;
For I will contend with him
that contendeth with you,
And I will save your children.
And I will feed them that oppress
thee with their own flesh,
And they shall be drunk with
their own blood as with sweet wine.
And all flesh shall know
That I, the Lord, am thy Savior,
And thy Redeemer, and the
Mighty One of Jacob.’” (Is 49:23-26)
     This is God’s word for you. Anyone who contends with you, who has trampled down your reputation, who has spit on your face, look what the Bible says: they will die a terrible death. They will not die peacefully. They will die a terrible death. Very terrible. Some may die in a terrible accident, and their body smashed to pieces. Every limb of their body dangling, broken, as if torn by
somebody. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. This year God has decided to honor and vindicate his servants. Many of His precious servants have shed blood last year. God will vindicate them. Look at King Solomon. People came from all over the world to see him. If you read 2 Chronicles chapter 8 and chapter 9, they all came to honor him. You may have heard of the great saint in India called Sadhu Sundar Singh. When he was at the height of his ministry, wherever he went in Europe, many kings and queens and great political leaders came to him for prayers. The same blessing will be given to you, because you patiently waited on the Lord. He will crown you with glory and honor.
      There are many, many ministers of God who have a prophetic call on their life. Some of you do not know that you have
a prophetic call, and you’re just doing an ordinary ministry. And there are others who truly are walking in the prophetic anointing, but you are like hidden right now. You’re doing like a small, simple ministry but in this year, God will make His glory come upon you. And He will lift you up, enlarge the borders of your ministry and give wings to your feet and cause you to go to new places, even new territories, new nations. Oh, you precious and humble ministers of God. Wait on God. Get ready to put the trumpet to your mouth and blow the sound of the Almighty God.
     The third blessing that God gives us: God will give you a new name. Again we see two words here. He shall be called by a new name. Now the word “shall be called”, in the Hebrew it means like this: properly addressed by name, like giving proper respect. This is how I can best describe this. In England there is a tradition. Some people who have earned some good reputation, the
king or the queen of England may want to knight them. So such a person will come before the king.
     The king will take a special sword, tap on their two shoulders, and then say from now onwards you’re called Sir Richard. They get the title Sir. A very honorable title, recognized all over the world. In the same way, you shall be called by a new name. But God Himself will give you that highly, respectable honor. The word name in the Hebrew here is shem, and the word shem means honor. It means, you shall be appointed with honor. Now if you put these two together, this is the third blessing that God gives you. With the new name, God appoints honor with it. You will be recognized and honored. Oh, what a blessing. If you read Philippians chapter 2, verses 9 – 11, it says that because the Lord humbled Himself, the name of Jesus is lifted high up, greatly honored, greatly respected all throughout the universe. God gives you a new name. Changes your name. There are many examples in the Bible.
     Before Abraham became Abraham, Genesis 17, verse 5 – 8 tells us [that] he was just called Abram, but God changed his name. His entire future was changed. In the same way, there are many examples that I can tell you. My dear brothers and sisters, God changes you and crowns you with honor. If you read Isaiah chapter 62 verse 4, you shall no more be called forsaken, your name will be changed. To what? Hephzibah. Hephzibah means: God’s delight is in you. Oh you men of God. Oh you daughters of God. You are no more forsaken. From today, you become God’s delight. Come on, clap your hands and give glory to God. Secondly, you shall no more be called desolate. You are no more called desolate. He’s changing your name. You shall be called Beulah. What does Beulah mean? You are married to the Lord. God owns you. He protects you. You are His Bride. My dear daughter, you are
no more desolate. No one shall say you’re desolate. You shall be called Beulah.
     One final warning. Those who turn against God, against the people of God, the Bible says in Isaiah 65, verses 11 – 15, they shall be cursed and punished. It is very, very strange. Never before in history, in the last two years wicked people have risen up from within the church. In the past, wicked people were outside the church. Now they are within the church. Wicked betrayers. And the
Word of God says, God will curse them and punish them. Remember that. Isaiah 65 tells us like that. God will curse them. My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, I want to remind you of the promise of God one more time. The Gentiles shall see your righteousness, and all kings shall see your glory.
     God will give you a new name. This is the promise for this year. Every one of you, stand to your feet right now. Take your right hand and put it on your heart. I’m going to pray. [The connection was lost here for a moment.] Look at every one of them.
All those who humbled themselves. I pray they will see Your glory. I pray they will experience Your mercy and goodness. I pray that You will enable them to taste and see how good God is.
     Oh great King of the whole universe, Oh Lion of the tribe of Judah, now roar! Roar! Roar! I command every bondage be broken over their lives. I command every falsehood be broken over their lives. I command every spirit of lies and intimidation that has bound them, be broken. In the name of the Lord Jesus. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I bless Your people with this promise in Isaiah 62 verse 2. I bless them that the nations will see their righteousness. I bless them that all kings will see
their glory. I bless them that the Lord God shall give them a new name.
      Lift up your holy hands right now everybody. Come on, lift up your holy faces and wave your hand and give glory and thanks to the Almighty God. Come on, open your mouth and give thanks to God. He’s a good God. His grace and mercy endures forever. Come on, open your mouth. Oh, even the little ones. Open your mouth and say, “Thank You, Lord Jesus.” Thank You, wonderful God for Your merciful kindness. And I pray You’ll continue to do a good work in the lives of all your dear ones.


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